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KANTEN(agar) 寒天 かんてん

Kanten which I can easily make as a Japanese summer cold cake.

I add fruit and milk, coffee and can easily cook a cake of KANTEN.

I froze phlegmatic temperament of Rhodophyta such as Tengusa or the Gracilaria verrucosa with Kanten and I dried and was made.

A technique to boil seaweed in Japan in the Heian era, and to make Tokorotrn seemed to be conveyed by an envoy to the Tang Dynasty (630-838) by China

It is about 1650 of the Edo era that a record remains when Kanten was made from Tokoroten for the first time

Production began in (1830 through 1843) afterwards in Shinshu of Nagano in the Tenpo year in the Edo era

I have abundant dietary fibers, and Kanten is used as well as a cake concerning low calorie a lot.


☆Kind of Kanten☆

◇Powdery agar 粉寒天・・The powdered agar which is made in a factory。Because it does not need to go back up with water, the feature is that I am easily usable

◇Thread agar 糸寒天(細寒天)・・I let you freeze-dry the thing which you did into a thin thread form and am made

◇Corner agar (stick agar) 角寒天(棒寒天)・・I let you freeze-dry it using a chill of nature by the traditional manufacturing method and am grown

As for the thing which I am particular about raw materials from Japan, and was processed in Japan, the price is high even if I say Kanten to a mouthful.

When it is handy and wants to use the price for a cake in small quantities, powdered Kanten sold in a supermarket is very convenient.

◇How to make agar using the powder agar◇
StrawberryPineappleLemon coffee kantenMaccha kanten Ginger KantenTubuan Macha KantenMandarin orange Pineapple juicekiwi Kantenmango juiceMangoKokutoJapanese pearKokuto

Smartphone site♪◇


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