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How to make persimmon jam that will not fail 甘柿ジャム

The trick to making jams with persimmon is to use ripe soft persimmons.
Cover the persimmon with sugar and simmer after extracting moisture, it will not be finished in a good feeling jam.
After making persimmon into liquid form with a blender, you can easily make a jam without failing it if you cook it.

甘柿≂ sweet Kaki≂sweet persimmon


2(360g)・・sweet Kaki(sweet persimmon)
120g+60g・・Granulated sugar
4g・・Lemon juice

◇Persimmon weighs excluding the seeds Peel was the 360g.
◇Granulated sugar is 50% of the weight of the sweet persimmon.
◇Lemon juice is 1% of the weight of the sweet persimmon.

How to make persimmon jam that will not fail

◇Remove the seeds and peel of sweet persimmon.
◇Cut up the sweet persimmon.
◇Measure the weight of the sweet persimmon.

◇Granulated sugar is used divided into twice.
Use the 50% 180g of granulated sugar by weight of the sweet persimmon.
Initially use the granulated sugar of 120g.

◇As sweet persimmon jam will be completed soon, start boiling and disinfecting the glass bottle containing jam first.

◇To boil the bottle to put the jam.
Bottle of jam put plenty of water in a pot as hide.
After boiling boil water, boiled for about 5 minutes.
Lid of the bottle is about two minutes, to boiling.

◇Stir persimmon with a blender.
◇Add persimmons and granulated sugar 120 g to the enamel pot.

◇Cook over medium heat.

◇When it boils, it makes it a little low heat.Mix well.

◇After 7 minutes, add 60 g of the second sugar.Mix well.

◇After 3 minutes, add lemon juice.Mix well.

◇Heating will end in 10 minutes.

◇Put a persimmon jam in a glass bottle.
Using disher it is easy to put the jam in the bottle.

◇A bottle of jam degassed.

◇Cool the jam naturally.

Sweet persimmon → 360 g
Granulated sugar → 180 g
Weight of finished sweet jam → 384 g

The sweet persimmon jam has a calculated sugar content of 56.25.
The condition of gelatinization of pectin when making jam is high sugar content (55% or more), acidic (pH about 3.0).

Computational sugar content satisfies the condition of gelation of jam, and a jam of good feeling is completed.

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