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Tengusa(Gelidium) 天草

Tengusa is seaweed belonging to Rhodophyta agar-agar eyes agar-agar department.

Kinds such as Gelidium crinale, Gelidium pacificum, Gelidium japonicum are in Tengusa.

Tengusa inhabits to around 20m from approximately 3m from the low-water line in the sea.

A woman diver still goes into the sea, and Tengusa harvests it.

The amount of production of the agar-agar in Japan is 1,002t in 2,006 years.

1 Ehime・・・・237t
2 Shizuoka ・・222t
3 Tokyo・・127t
4 Mie・・100t
5 Tokushima・・93t

心太=ところてん=Tokoroten=Gelidium jelly

The ingredients made from Tengusa are Tokoroten.
A created thing becomes Kanten from Tokoroten.


☆The history of Tokoroten in Japan☆

It is said that the manufacturing method of the gelidium jelly was conveyed with tradition of transmission and the vegetarian cooking of the Buddhism for 538 years in the Christian era by China.

Tokoroten as the presentation product comes up by the name of Kokorobuto in "Taihorituryu, Buyakuryo" established for 701 years in the Christian era.
心太 こころぶと・・Kokorobuto
大宝律令・賦役令・・Taihorituryu, Buyakuryo

Kokorubuto shop which sold Tokoroten for 710 years in the Christian era was made, but seemed to be the food of the upper class.

It spread through the common people in the Edo era, and Tokoroten seemed to be eaten as a snack afterwards.

A Japanese crosses Tokoroten more than 1300 and is the historical ingredients which I ate.

99.1% of ingredients are water, and Tokoroten made from Tengusa is possible 2kcal per 100 g of meal departments and low-calorie food.

Tokoroten is low-calorie, but let's warn sauce when we eat for diet because sugar or soy sauce are used to sauce of tokoroten.

How to make tokorotenHow to eat TokorotenMatcha Tokoroten

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