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Ginger 生姜 しょうが

The place of origin of ginger is regarded as Asian Nanbu from to India, the Malay Peninsula.

Handing down and others can break ginger from China in Japan in the about third century.

Ginger conveyed by Japan was cultivated as medical use.

The name of ginger is written for "Kojiki" performed a manuscript of for Japanese oldest history book 712 years.(古事記 Kojiki)

It spread out to the common people for food from the Edo era.

A harvest of ginger in Japan is approximately 54,000t in 2012.

Harvest ranking of ginger

1 Kochiken 44%
2 Kumamotoken 12%
3 Chibaken 8%
4 Miyazakiken 7%
5 Kagoshimaken 6%

Even if a color grates kogane ginger produced at Nobuo Sakata store of Kochi Co., Ltd. with gold, I do a clean color.

坂田信夫商店(Nobuo Sakata store ) 黄金生姜(kogane ginger)

It is ginger produced in Kumamoto

New ginger is sold in about June.(新生姜 shin shouga)

From the left new ginger, Kumamoto product ginger, Kochi product kogane ginger
Clean yellow of kogane ginger is beautiful

Ginger is used as a spice in Japan.

I carry powdery ginger that I break off the cold of the healthy intention and body and put it in tea and drink it recently.

There is the cake using ginger, too.

☆How to make cakes using ginger☆
Ginger agar

☆Preservation method of ginger

I wrap ginger in Paper towel。
I give it in a cling film from the top。
I put it in a refrigerator。
If Paper towel gets wet a few days later, I change it to the new Paper towel。

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