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Matcha green tea 抹茶 まっちゃ

Powdered matcha green tea without the opportunity to drink very much if I do not learn a tea break at tea ceremony.

It was made with tea called Tencha as powder with the powdered matcha green tea.

The steamed and dried tea leaves are the tea leaves which they prevent a tea leaf from winning a cover, strong sunlight with curtains, and were brought up.

I pick the tea leaf which I am protected from strong sunlight, and was made, and the thing which I saw it, and was made with a stone mill becomes the powdered matcha green tea.

The powdered matchagreen tea is powder, but does not dissolve in water

The tea leaf is left even if I dissolve powdered matcha green tea with hot water of 80 degrees.

Because I make a tea leaf powdered directly and drink, I can just take in the nutrient included in the leaf.

Caffeine, vitamins, a mineral, catechin, theanine, much nourishment ingredients including the saponin are included in powdered green tea.

☆Production center of the powdered matcha green tea☆

◇The history of the tea production of Kyoto・・In about 1360, a tea plantation is opened in Uji

◇The history of the powdered green tea of Nishio, Aichi・・The seeds of tea brought back from 1271 Jissoji of founder shouitu Kokushi the Chinese do so is beginning to have had sown in the precincts
Shouitu Kokushi(Most Reverend Priest)・・開祖 聖一国師

☆Amount of production ranking of steamed and dried tea leaves☆

Amount of production 2,243t of 2013 of Japan

☆1 Kyoto 770t (34.3% of shares)
☆2 Aichi 479t (21.3% of shares)
☆3 Mie 207t  (9.2% of shares)

It is the powdered matcha green tea that I do not usually drink very much, but the cake of the powdered matcha green tea taste is good and eats.

When you cook a cake of the powdered matcha green tea taste, you should use powdered matcha green tea for confectionery.

The powdered matcha green tea which the powdered green tea is very delicate, and is pure is vulnerable to heat, light, oxygen.

I may fade when I heat up than 100 degrees Celsius.

☆How to make cakes using the powdered green tea☆

Maccha kanten
Maccha rusk
Maccha bread rusk
Maccha bread
How to make Matcha warabimochi
100% Bracken powder Matcha warabimochi
Butter cake of matcha green tea and anko
Smartphone site♪◇


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Compared to eat maccha green tea warabimochi 抹茶わらびもちの食べ比べ

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