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Warabimochi わらびもち 蕨餅

It is warabimochi to want to eat when a Japanese is summer.

Warabimochi seemed to be a favorite of the Emperor Daigo of the Heian era.
Emperor Daigo(醍醐天皇885-930)

It is said to be the Kamakura era to have become the form of warabimochi like the present.
Kamakura era(鎌倉時代 1185-1333)

Warabimochi which was the emergency rations of the farmer at the age of the bad crop.

Starch removed from the root of the bracken becomes the bracken powder.

It becomes thing warabimochi made with this bracken powder.

The bracken powder has little traffic and is expensive now.

It is difficult to eat warabimochi of 100% of bracken powders.

Powder of warabimochi is sold to easily make warabimochi at home.

The powder which mixed other starches with the change of an expensive bracken powder is sold as a bracken powder.

I tried than to make a warabimochi in the same amount in the kind of difference warabimochi powder.

☆This Bracken powder・・・bracken powder 100%
Warabimochi made with bracken powder 100% was completed in brown.
Smoother texture in the texture of Purunpurun.
It was finished very tasty warabimochi

☆Specialties bracken powder・・・lotus root starch, the bracken powder, processed starch
This bracken powder containing bracken powder was completed in pale beige.
Compared to eat and warabimochi of 100% bracken powder, it will lose part of texture.
If you eat only the warabimochi made with specialties bracken powder, it is quite delicious.

☆Warabimochi powder・・・sweet potato starch, modified starch
Sweet potato starch, warabimochi made with modified starch was completed in whitish transparent.
I think I wish differ much compared to eat and warabimochi of 100% bracken powder.
It's cheap warabimochi of prices, which is sold in the supermarket is often this type.

Is called warabimochi to bite, but the difference is this as it looks at only different is blended with the raw material of bracken powder, it is a surprise and texture also different warabimochi is completed.

If you come to Japan, please than eat warabimochi

Please than eat cheap white warabimochi of genuine warabimochi and price of high price brown

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