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Red beans and bean paste 小豆と餡

Adzuki bean is an annual plant of the legume Vigna.

小豆(あずき、しょうず)=Adzuki 、Shouzu=Adzuki bean

Origin is believed to East Asia (southwest China, Indochina, etc.).
But, wild species of red beans ancestors in Japan, have been excavated from the ruins of the Jomon period.
Jomon period・・Before 14000 BC - centuries ago

Red beans from around the 8th century in Japan, seems to have been cultivated.

Is a traditional Japanese sweets of red beans are used in Japan.
Red beans to the addition of sugar will be used a lot in the sweet boiled bean paste.

餡=Anko=bean jam sweet bean paste

There are two types of bean paste.

漉し餡 Koshian ・・Waist and beans of the outer skin of red beans, which was kneaded finely.

粒あん Tsubu an・・Those who left the form of beans without look into the skin.

Chogoromochi Honpo Kyoto there is a record that was selling the "thin wrapped bean paste to the rice cake skin elegant rice cake" in 400 years so much before,
There is also a record that was conceded by the tea party to Hideyoshi Toyotomi in October 1587.

Nagamochi Sasaiya its founding in 1550 in Mie Prefecture.
Because some of the Nagamochi that contains the bean paste, the 1500s, it seems to have bean paste is used in a variety of Japanese sweets shop in the second half.

☆Cuisine made with red beans ... Sekihan(赤飯), Azukigayu(小豆がゆ), amanattō(甘納豆),

☆Wagashi ... Youkan(羊羹), Kintsuba(きんつば), Manjyu(饅頭), Ohagi(おはぎ) , Anmitsu(あんみつ), Daifukumochi(大福餅), Zenzai(善哉), Oshiruko(おしるこ), Dainagon(大納言), Anpan(あんぱん)

Left image・・Adzuki bean
Right image・・Koshian. Anne was boiled by the addition of sugar to the red beans.

Production of red beans 2014 76,800t

Hokkaido ·· 73,100t
Kyoto ·· 260t
Shiga Prefecture ·· 36t

Of these, we 95% is produced in Hokkaido.

Dried red beans edible portion 100g per ... energy / 339kcal
protein /20.3g
lipid /2.2g
carbohydrate /58.7g
potassium / 1500mg (Standard Tables of Food Composition in Japan)

How to make sweets with bean paste

Powder dry bean pasteOshirukoZenzaiMizuyokanMizuyokan(Type cut)

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