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Water absorptive good towel Air Kaol

It is the introduction of a Japanese excellent towel.

The name of the towel is air Kaol エアーかおる.

The characteristic

◇The world's first thread plying method of construction
(Related patent Japan, USA, China, European five countries)

◇The light volume of 1/2

◇Fewer fluffing of 1/4 of the no thread plying towel

◇Be superior to water absorptivity, and approximately 56% of absorbing water powers improve

◇The endurance of the soft and fluffy feeling that is comfortable even if wash it more than 4 times of the no thread plying towel

◇Dehydration is fast (with less than it of half of the residual water one hour later)

As for another characteristic, the width of the bath towel is narrow.

Because the absorbency of the towel is good, I can wipe a body and the hair of adult with the narrow towel.

The name of this narrow towel is Anytime エニータイム

As for the towel of Anytime, labor to draw off laundry is reduced.

Because the width of the towel is narrow, I hang it on the common washing hanger and can air it.

The longest towel of the middle of the photograph is Anytime.

Matters that require attention when I air a towel

After washing, I swing approximately ten times of towels around and air it at a good place of the ventilation in the shade raising pile

I can use a tender towel without using a softening agent in only this.

How about air or the towel of being by a Japanese souvenir?

I purchased air Kaol in a department store.

Official web site of Air Kaol